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Research Detail

Publication: International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation, Dongsheng-China, August, 2007
Project Team: Almy Malisie2, Maria Prihandrijanti1, Ralf Otterpohl2
Research Detail:
Ecological Sanitation, a sanitation concept which removes human waste pathogens and recovers their nutrients, has been applied in Europe and Africa, but not in Indonesia except for the small pilot research plant discussed below. Implementation of dry toilets seems to be very difficult in the region; therefore a urine diverting pour-flush toilet with an aerobic filtration unit for brownwater was developed. An Ecosan implementation feasilibility study was conducted in a low income area in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. An Ecosan pilot plant was built with the ability to separate wastewater based on their characteristics into brownwater, yellowwater, and greywater. A sustainability assessment was performed on three different scenarios using different sanitation system to determine which system is the most sustainable for low income densely-populated urban areas in Indonesia.
Keywords: Ecosan, nutrients, recover, sustainable.