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Research Detail

Publication: International Conference on natural and Environmental Sciences 2009 (ICONES), Banda Aceh, 6-8 May 2009
Project Team: Maria Prihandrijanti, Tuani Lidiawati S
Research Detail:
With increasing trends of population growth, urbanization and life style, problems in urban environment often becomes worse. Environmental issues such as piles of solid waste, developing slum/squatter areas, lack of clean water supply and sanitation, pollution, and other problems are common challenges for cities in Indonesia. Some of those problems result in greater disaster, for example floods which happen in many cities/regions in Indonesia until now and solid waste disaster in TPA Leuwigajah several years ago. Several efforts to reduce or eliminate these problems have been undertaken, such as Adipura award, Kampung Improvement Project (KIP), Sanimas, etc.
One of the interesting and successful efforts to improve urban enviroment and reduce environmental problems is Surabaya Green and Clean competition, which has been held yearly since 2005. Surabaya with a population of almost 3 million people also faced problems mentioned above, but Surabaya Green and Clean competition has become an agent of change toward making Surabaya into a greener and cleaner city.
This paper will review the impact of Surabaya Green and Clean competition to improve urban environment and also prevent potential disaster resulting especially from solid waste.
Keywords: Surabaya Green and Clean, solid waste, environmental problems