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April 21, 2010


On August 4th, 2009, representatives from three big paper industries in East Java, which are PT. Adiprima Suraprinta, PT. Surya Kertas and PT. Tjiwi Kimia gathered in UBAYA’s International Village Seminar Room to discuss about energy use. The resource persons in this closed discussion are Ibu Widiatmini Winanti and Bapak Wiharja from BPPT.

Ibu Widiatmini informed the participants about findings from BPPT research that most industries do not use energy efficiently, which means that some (big/small) are lost in vain. Beside lavishness for industry, this will also contribute to emission of polluting gases. Nowadays, efforts to wise energy usage are aimed not only to minimize potentials to air pollution but can be related to CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project.
CDM is a project based on international agreement to reduce carbon emission totally around the world. If one industry can save energy consumption, the saving can be traded. Ibu Widiatmini (or usually called Bu Menik) explained the preliminary steps that need to be taken before implementing CDM project, which is energy audit. Moreover, Bu Menik and Pak Wiharja explained the right steps to do energy audit. In this case BPPT offers support for industries who want to do energy audit.
After that, each industrial representatives gave description of their energy usage. Discussions were mostly around topics such as CDM project, audit techniques and possibility of cooperation with CES-UBAYA and BPPT. After 2 hours discussions, the participants agreed that energy audit is a real need for them. Each industry will think of possibility to conduct the audit in their own place.