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April 21, 2010


PECII (Production Efficiency Club of Indonesian Industries) held its second gathering on April 15th, 2009. After a memorable first gathering event in AGRINDO, this time PT. Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk agreed to be the host. Approximately 150 industrial representatives from PECII members attended the event that was opened by Mr. Edwin as the General Manager of PT. Tjiwi Kimia. In his opening speech, Mr Edwin appreciated this forum because its members can use this forum as a learning place to progress together. He hoped that in the future PECII will be more influential and productive.
The session began with a brief description about PECII, especially for newly invited industries, followed by a very interesting presentation from the host regarding solid waste management and technical modification in Chemical Plant Unit. As a big industry, solid waste is a real problem for Tjiwi, and it was a big problem, disturbing from aesthetical aspects and a big loss from economical value. Mr Jerry Argo as the coordinator of the company’s Zero Emission Team showed pictures of current conditions, how solid waste can be reduced and managed well. In chemical plant unit, technical modification was carried out to re-utilize waste from one sub unit as an input for another unit. After intensive research process, chemical plant can get a significant saving.
Mr Paulus from SPINDO I also shared the creativity results of SINDO I team, which is known as a very solid team. From saving on water consumption and plastic rope to pumps and electrode usage optimization, which if it is converted to money can result in high saving value.
In this gathering, Mr Wiharja from BPPT also presented the energy audit program which can be implemented in industries, especially those who consume much energy. This program is related to CDM (Clean Development Project). The gathering event was closed with lunch together. See you in the next gathering! (For more information on PECII please contact Yunus at 031-2981155 or psl@ubaya.ac.id).

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