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Center for Environmental Studies - University of Surabaya (CES UBAYA)

Since its establishment in 1996, the Center for Environmental Studies at the University of Surabaya has continued showing its commitment and care toward the environment.
Our missions are:
  • to coordinate trainings in environmental fields for students, industries, academic community and general public.
  • to advance multidisciplinary research activities in relevance to environmental studies.
  • to provide services for business & industries in environmental engineering and management.
  • to establish close interactions with the government, industries, and other research instrumentalities to exchange ideas
  • to promote communication and collaboration between university, industry, community and the government to increase awareness, understanding and ability to handle environmental problems and fostering sustainable development

The Center aims to give excellent contributions to improve environmental quality through research, projects, services, community development and close relationship/ collaboration with government institutions, industries, non-government organizations, the public and other academic institutions related to environmental fields.